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[IPk] test strips

Your comment about test strips lightened things up a bit, cos my blood was
beginning to boil
So far I've had no problems with strips although I usually get through 150 not
200 per month.
I dread moving and changing GPs for this reason.Personally I think that strip
refusal, at least if more than 50 per month is refused, warrants a complaint
and a bit of sh-t stirring.
It could potentially have some nasty implications I suppose, were I seeking
employment in that area.ie being in the profession myself I would hate to get
labelled as a trouble maker. So I would just change practice and perhaps send
some literature justifiying regular testing, modern insulin regimens etc. And
perhaps include information for courses on diabetes management in primary care
with a comment that the knowledege of diabetes was inadequate and needed

Any medical professionals here had to complain about their diabetes care? How
did you avoid being a trouble maker, whistle blower etc ?
( I hope to not have to complain of course but good to have some tips just in
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