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[IPk] test strips

well, if your GP is unsupportive then change him/ her, if they can't be
reasoned with.
I use 150 strips/ month: av 5 tests per day but BGs have been very erratic
recently due to heat so will need my repeat prescription a few days early.
Luckily I've an appointment with my GP for update of repeat prescriptions and
I don't anticipate any problems. If there are insurmountable problems I shall
simply register with the other practice in town, and if their list is too full
I shall contact the health authority and explain the situation

You would really think with the recent awareness of the cost of diabetes
complications people would be more enlightened. I sometimes think that these
must be exaggerated otherwise more resources would be directed toward type 1
treatments, including pumps, DAFNE and monitoring.

One would think, If you have had a significant reduction in A1c or less severe
hypos needing glucagon( expensive anyway) then your GP would be delighted to
prescribe you what you need

I can't believe 50 strips/ month is considered adequate for any type 1 except
for perhaps, the most stable, with good control, excellent hypo awareness and
a regimented lifestyle, and a non driver. 1 and 2/3 of a strip per day!!. I
suppose it's sort of understandable why more than 4 is considered a bit much
but then they should be open to an explanation
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