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Re: [IPk] 8 or 10 blood tests a day!!

Looking at my records, I think I average about 7 tests a day - sometimes
more, sometimes less. Depends what I'm doing.

The crucial thing is that the result immediately determines how much
insulin I take. That's how pumping works. If I don't test, I can't know...
And for me it doesn't hurt, so there's no real cost. If I get up and my BG
is 10, I'll need an extra 2 units to bring it down to 5 in addition to what
I need for my breakfast. That's the trick of tight control - constant test
and adjust. Seems a small price to dramatically reduce the chance of
crippling complications later in life.

I remember at university in the mid-1980s on injections I had to buy my
test strips. It was scandalous. Was it in 1986 that they became freely
prescribable? I forget. But if your doctor thinks 50 tests a month will
purchase a lifetime of tight complications-free diabetes, he is wrong. 4
tests a day is now recommended with injections, and several more with a


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