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Re: [IPk] Some GP's Are So Unsupportive

Yes, I only have 100 test strips at a time on my
repeat prescription. Having said that, I do not know
if there is a limit on how often I can claim them!

I would like to test my blood sugar a lot more than I
currently do. I test at the standard 4 times each day,
plus extra before, during and after my step classes.
Of course there are all the extra tests when I am not
sure if my blood sugar is ok. 

One day I tested my blood sugar every hour on the hour
and that gave interesting results but this data is
probably only very useful if the experiment is
repeated several times. 

I know you will all say "Pester your GP for more
strips!" and I should. The trouble is that I still do
not have funding for the pump yet and am trying to
convince people that the whole thing is very cost
effective for the NHS. 

By the way, I have the Active meter (the one which is
supposed to look like a mobile phone) and the finger
pricker which came with it is superb. 

Diana, I too am on holiday at the moment and we were
offered free welcome cocktails in the jungle. I kind
of know where I am with beer or wine as those are my
usual tipples, but cocktails - hmmmmm! In my ignorance
I just bolused several extra units but when I got back
to the hotel my bg was 23.3! A valuable lesson learned
there I feel!

Cheers all, 


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