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[IPk] Re:8 or 10 blood tests a day!!

In a message dated 8/6/2002 3:40:17 PM GMT Daylight Time, email @ redacted 

> What!!  I thought I was being good doing 4 a day (just to show them I'm 
> "motivated").  Do all you pumpers do that many?  

Hi Lesley, and welcome to the group,

I certainly found when starting pump therapy and particularly when setting / 
revising basal rates that I needed to test that often, but once you''ve got 
things stabilised you'll probably find you need to test less except in 
particular circumstances (after eating out and drinking, perhaps :) ).  There 
is of course the theoretical risk with pumping of DKA, hence the theoretical 
need to test frequently to avoid it creeping up unawares.  However, most 
people get symptoms which they would naturally check out, and personally I'd 
disagree that testing frequently once stable "just in case" was essential.  
I've read that at least six tests are "recommended" per day, but it's an 
individual matter - if you have a very erratic lifestyle and/or have 
unpredictable responses to food/exercise, then it would obviously make sense 
to do more.  My basals are now stable enough that I often test only three or 
four times a day, and it seems to be working.  

I'm really pleased to report that my last HbA1c (result today) was 7.4, the 
first I've ever had below 8 (OK, not brilliant, but if you consider that 
pre-pump it was often into double figures...).

IDDM 30y, 508 21m
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