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Re: [IPk] 8 or 10 blood tests a day!!

Hi Lesley,

My normal daily testing schedule, after six years of pumping, is like this:
1) waking up (before breakfast--7-8 a.m.ish)
2) before lunch (12:30-1:00 p.m.ish)
3) midafternoon (3:30-4:30 p.m.ish), often a pre-exercise test anyway
4) before dinner (6ish p.m.), often a post-exercise test anyway
5) a couple of hours after dinner (9:30 p.m.ish)
6) before bed (midnightish)

I often throw a seventh test in somewhere, when I feel low, I've eaten 
something that might have caused me a problem, or I just don't feel 'right'.

It's important to do a wake-up (before breakfast), pre-lunch, pre-dinner, 
and pre-bed test whether you're on a pump or not...4 tests per day is kinda 
the minimum for most type 1s striving for good control. If you want tighter 
control with injections, if you're on a pump, or if you want to improve your 
HbA1c whether on injections or a pump, AND your daily schedule is pretty 
well consistent, 6-8 is probably a good number. If you have a crazy, 
different-every-day sort of lifestyle, or you're not feeling well, 8-10 
tests in a day probably isn't unreasonable.

Having heard stories of the bad old days when urine testing every few days 
was the norm, I think the fingerprick (which I don't feel most of the time 
anymore--thank you, scar tissue!) that returns an accurate result in 5 
seconds (One Touch Ultra) is a great technological advance. I look forward 
to the noninvasive meter, but just like with everything that's supposed to 
be a huge advance in diabetes control, I'm not holding my breath waiting for 
for it. I'll take advantage of what definitely works now: my pump and my 
meter :) !

IDDM 8+ years; MiniMed pumper 6 years

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