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Re: [IPk] Re: I'm not missing - I'm in Nice!

Hi Caroline

> The problem is when I only drink a small amount. Pre-pump, 2-3 pints, or
> 1/2 a bottle of wine didn't tend to cause a morning hypo. My DSN told me
> not to reduce my basal in this situation. But take last night as an
> example:
> Pre-meal blood sugar was 5.9.(about 6.30pm) Had 60g of carbs, covered with
> 6 units. I drank 3 pints of beer (not lager, but don't think this really
> makes a difference) which I covered with a single unit. BS was 4.9 when I
> arrived home (around 11pm) Had 20g Carbs. BS was 7.5 before bed an hour
> later. Woke up this morning at 1.4 (a very frighteningly low number) This
> is not a one off pattern either, so I'm assuming it must be linked to the
> alcohol.
> The simple solution would be to decrease my basal, but when I noticed this
> pattern before, I tried that, and the ensuing moring BS was 15, with a 0.1
> unit reduction, following a pre-bed sugar of 8.0.

Did you notice this rise on several occasions? Or just on one?
Because there might have been other factors involved.
I would definitely go for reducing your overnight basal when you've only 
drunk a small amount, especially if you've experienced that morning hypo on 
more than one occasion.
For me the threshold for needing to lower the insulin is about 3 units, which 
is quite low (I don't feel drunk on 3 units of alcohol normally).
It may also make a difference what you're drinking. For me beer and lager 
(which I almost never drink now, because it messes up my BGs so much) I need 
to take insulin when I drink and then reduce it later. For wine and spirits I 
just need to reduce the insulin later.

At the end of the day, unless you're drinking large amounts regularly, it's 
probably better to err on the side of too little insulin and risk a high BG 
the next day rather than a crashing low (especially considering that your 
body is less likely to respond to a low after you've been drinking).
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