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[IPk] Re: I'm not missing - I'm in Nice!

Hi all,

Very interesting that there should be all these mesages about alcohol
waiting for me, because I'd just sat down with the intention of writing a
message about that very subject.

Glad you are enjoying Nice Elizabeth.

> Lesson two: I seem to feel less intoxicated when my blood sugar is very
> or low. If it is normal, I feel absolutely sloshed, beyond redemption.
> Bizarre. So, in order to feel more normal and more in control, in order to
> move out of intoxication faster, I need to eat more in order to raise my
> beyond normal. Has anyone else experienced this?

Alcohol definately affects me less when I have a high blood sugar and
apparently there is scientific evidence, and an explanation, to support
this. I proved it for myself once by taking part in a drinking competition
with a very high blood sugar (around 20!) I beat everyone, including several
blokes who claimed to "well 'ard drinkers"!! I definately paid for it the
next morning though.

Pre-pump, my blood sugars invariably got really high when I was "drinking".
("Drinking" meaning more than a couple of pints or a couple of glasses of
wine) The first time I went out and drank a reasonable amount after going on
the pump, I managed to control my sugars much better, but definately got
more drunk than usual, which also adds weight to the theory.

> The last lesson is that it's always better to get pissed in the afternoon
> because you have the hang over before bedtime and you're fine the next
> morning!

Totally agree with that one :-)

Anyway, what I was planning to write about was the fact that I don't seem to
have really got the hang of alcohol and the pump yet, and I'm looking for
suggestions to what I might be doing wrong.

As I said, pre-pump, I always ended up horrendously high if I was
"drinking", but this generally tended to balance out the post-alcohol drop
and I'd usually wake up with a fairly normal blood sugar. (I once joked I
should drink a lot every night of the week, because it was the only way I
could ever wake up with a reasonable sugar!) Now I'm on the pump I manage to
keep my sugars more normal, so I usually decrease my basal by between 0.2
and 0.4 (depending on how much I've drunk and how much exercise I've had) to
compensate for the drop, which mostly seems to work OK, I think I just need
a little more practice (I'll just have to drink more!!)

The problem is when I only drink a small amount. Pre-pump, 2-3 pints, or 1/2
a bottle of wine didn't tend to cause a morning hypo. My DSN told me not to
reduce my basal in this situation. But take last night as an example:

Pre-meal blood sugar was 5.9.(about 6.30pm) Had 60g of carbs, covered with 6
units. I drank 3 pints of beer (not lager, but don't think this really makes
a difference) which I covered with a single unit. BS was 4.9 when I arrived
home (around 11pm) Had 20g Carbs. BS was 7.5 before bed an hour later. Woke
up this morning at 1.4 (a very frighteningly low number) This is not a one
off pattern either, so I'm assuming it must be linked to the alcohol.

The simple solution would be to decrease my basal, but when I noticed this
pattern before, I tried that, and the ensuing moring BS was 15, with a 0.1
unit reduction, following a pre-bed sugar of 8.0.

Should I just give up drinking?? Any advice and feedback on what others do
would be gratefully received.


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