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[IPk] I'm not missing - I'm in Nice!

	I think it is weird as no matter how much I have to drink, I will
always test my BG and adjust my insulin dose.  Often I use my BG meter and
my pump history to work out what time I got home!  There is an added benefit
that the pump cos don't use in their literature!

	Audrey Sheal

	PS before anyone tells me, I know I should not drink a lot.........

> > Interestingly, my partner said it was refreshing to see me out of
> control.
> > I have to explore this further, because what was being defined as out of
> > control? I didn't feel out of control: for example, I wouldn't leave the
> > table unaccompanied because I knew I was too gone to walk a straight
> line.
> > It's a _different sort of control, yes, but it's still control. I'm
> > interested in any issues of control in a diabetic life because control
> is
> > so essential to keeping ourselves alive and keeping our toes on.
> Yes, there are all sorts of kinds of control. For example you can be drunk
> enough to have difficulty getting your key in the lock but still be able
> to 
> test your BG, make a rational decision about it, and take appropriate
> insulin 
> if necessary (or at least, I can!). So as long as you still have control 
> enough to be able to recognise hypos, test your BG and take appropriate 
> action, then losing control about e.g. what food to eat or your
> conversation 
> isn't necessarily a bad thing. I'm not recommending that getting drunk is
> a 
> good thing to do, but we're human, and for most of us, if we drink, it 
> happens from time to time. 
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