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Re: [IPk] I'm not missing - I'm in Nice!

Hi Elizabeth
Glad you're having a good time in Nice!

For me, drinking on an empty stomach is a sure way to get drunk, and so is 
drinking during the day. The combination of both is a bad idea - and the heat 
doesn't help either. So I'm not surprised you were very drunk, especially 
since you don't drink much normally!

> But perhaps if I had had a pizza at that stage I wouldn't have got quite so
> langered. This is lesson one, one that I had noticed in the past: if I've
> drunk enough to be drunk, I have no interest in controlling the amount of
> food I eat. 

I think that's quite a normal reaction to drink, and not just with diabetics!

> Lesson two: I seem to feel less intoxicated when my blood sugar is very
> high or low. If it is normal, I feel absolutely sloshed, beyond redemption.
> Bizarre. So, in order to feel more normal and more in control, in order to
> move out of intoxication faster, I need to eat more in order to raise my BG
> beyond normal. Has anyone else experienced this?

Hmmmm, that's an interesting theory. If my BG is low I will stop drinking 
IMMEDIATELY because it's really not a good idea. When I've been drinking and 
then realise I'm low, I think I worry more about the hypo symptoms than how 
drunk I'm feeling, so I probably do stop feeling drunk. I can't say I've ever 
noticed feeling less drunk when my BG is high though. It's not something I 
really want to experiment with, though there are plenty of times when I've 
been drinking and my BG has risen. But I wouldn't recommend deliberately 
raising your BG in order to feel less drunk (not sure if that's what you 

> Interestingly, my partner said it was refreshing to see me out of control.
> I have to explore this further, because what was being defined as out of
> control? I didn't feel out of control: for example, I wouldn't leave the
> table unaccompanied because I knew I was too gone to walk a straight line.
> It's a _different sort of control, yes, but it's still control. I'm
> interested in any issues of control in a diabetic life because control is
> so essential to keeping ourselves alive and keeping our toes on.

Yes, there are all sorts of kinds of control. For example you can be drunk 
enough to have difficulty getting your key in the lock but still be able to 
test your BG, make a rational decision about it, and take appropriate insulin 
if necessary (or at least, I can!). So as long as you still have control 
enough to be able to recognise hypos, test your BG and take appropriate 
action, then losing control about e.g. what food to eat or your conversation 
isn't necessarily a bad thing. I'm not recommending that getting drunk is a 
good thing to do, but we're human, and for most of us, if we drink, it 
happens from time to time. 

> Finally, the BGs: at the beginning, 6.6, plus 1 unit (=16g CHO) for the
> salad. Plus some of my partner's pizza as I realised how drunk I was.
> Fourty min. later, as we left for the next restaurant (perhaps we drank too
> fast!) 6.9. At the next restauran, 90 minutes after the start (5.23pm) 8.6,
> plus 3.2 units as I waited for pizza. Then 3.5 at 5.35pm, 1.2 at 6.22pm,
> 2.1 at 6.29pm for an apple tart (I ate only the apples - the pastry wasn't
> worth the insulin, and I still made this decision in my state), at 6.45pm
> 11.7! and 6 units, and I honestly remember neither the test nor the 6 units
> of insulin. But that much insulin was a great excuse for an Italian ice
> cream cure. :-))

The notorious pizza low followed by a high :-)
but why did you take 6 units of insulin at 6.45???
Or can you not remember?
Was it to deal with the remainder of the pizza?

> Overall, I'm very impressed with my BGs. I've returned to 6.4 despite a
> huge amount of unaccostomed food. I will have to do a 3am test and have
> insulin because I've noticed that having more food than usual impacts my
> dawn phenomenon. But not bad, and not something I could have done on
> injections - I've suspended, set temporary basals, and bolused as my BGs
> have dictated.

Sounds pretty good on the whole! 
I had an alcohol experience on Saturday night which was the opposite.
I had been doing a lot of exercise in the afternoon (1 hour dancing, 1 hour 
walking to the dance class and back, and 3 hours of softball - all 
consecutive) and had had no lunch. So at 7pm I had dinner (chicken, rice and 
vegetables) and - with a BG of 6.9 -  then we went to an American Pool Club 
where we played pool for 3 hours.  I *thought* I had had 3 vodka and diet 
Cokes, but knowing the people I was with, I now strongly suspect I actually 
had 3 *double* vodka and diet Cokes! I got home at about 1am and my BG was 
7.1 so I was pleased about that. I had about 15g carb (tinned spaghetti hoops 
and sausage) and remembered to reduce my nighttime basal by 0.1 units to deal 
with the alcohol and exercise. Next morning woke up at 6am with a BG of 2! I 
also felt very hungover for the next few hours.
The point of this is that I didn't feel at all drunk when I got home, so I 
didn't reduce my insulin by much or have much to eat because I didn't think I 
needed to. Normally any more than 3 vodkas is the point at which I need to 
reduce my overnight insulin. I suspect the fact that I was drinking slowly 
and had eaten first meant that I didn't feel nearly as drunk as I should have 
done. It's certainly the opposite of Elizabeth's theory about feeling more 
drunk with a normal BG....
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