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[IPk] I'm not missing - I'm in Nice!

Hi all -

I thought I'd say hello this evening because I have had an experience 
relevant to pumping today involving almost everyone's favourite topic - 

I have been drunker than ever before (and I don't drink much ), initially on 
1/2 bottle of 12 1/2% cote de provence rouge. I was quite surprised with how 
intoxicated I was, but it appeared to be the result of the heat (it's 30 
degrees in Nice Hurrah!!!), a morning on the beach, and not much to eat 
before drinking (although it was plenty in terms of my non-holiday diet).

A few things to report that are relevant to pumping, and perhaps interesting 
to people contemplating the benefits of pumping. BTW, I started off very 
sensibly with the wine, with a mozzarella salad, which was indifferent in 
itself, but they had infused the basil in the olive oil, and _that_ was very 

But perhaps if I had had a pizza at that stage I wouldn't have got quite so 
langered. This is lesson one, one that I had noticed in the past: if I've 
drunk enough to be drunk, I have no interest in controlling the amount of 
food I eat. The last time I did this, it invovled a large amount of very 
delicious homemade potato salad. This time it involved moving to another 
restaurant for an pizza - and another bottle of wine.

Lesson two: I seem to feel less intoxicated when my blood sugar is very high 
or low. If it is normal, I feel absolutely sloshed, beyond redemption. 
Bizarre. So, in order to feel more normal and more in control, in order to 
move out of intoxication faster, I need to eat more in order to raise my BG 
beyond normal. Has anyone else experienced this?

Interestingly, my partner said it was refreshing to see me out of control. I 
have to explore this further, because what was being defined as out of 
control? I didn't feel out of control: for example, I wouldn't leave the 
table unaccompanied because I knew I was too gone to walk a straight line. 
It's a _different sort of control, yes, but it's still control. I'm 
interested in any issues of control in a diabetic life because control is so 
essential to keeping ourselves alive and keeping our toes on.

Finally, the BGs: at the beginning, 6.6, plus 1 unit (=16g CHO) for the 
salad. Plus some of my partner's pizza as I realised how drunk I was. Fourty 
min. later, as we left for the next restaurant (perhaps we drank too fast!) 
6.9. At the next restauran, 90 minutes after the start (5.23pm) 8.6, plus 
3.2 units as I waited for pizza. Then 3.5 at 5.35pm, 1.2 at 6.22pm, 2.1 at 
6.29pm for an apple tart (I ate only the apples - the pastry wasn't worth 
the insulin, and I still made this decision in my state), at 6.45pm 11.7! 
and 6 units, and I honestly remember neither the test nor the 6 units of 
insulin. But that much insulin was a great excuse for an Italian ice cream 
cure. :-))

The last lesson is that it's always better to get pissed in the afternoon 
because you have the hang over before bedtime and you're fine the next 

Overall, I'm very impressed with my BGs. I've returned to 6.4 despite a huge 
amount of unaccostomed food. I will have to do a 3am test and have insulin 
because I've noticed that having more food than usual impacts my dawn 
phenomenon. But not bad, and not something I could have done on injections - 
I've suspended, set temporary basals, and bolused as my BGs have dictated.


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