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[IPk] Pump reset itself

Pooh! My pump (MiniMed 507) has just reset itself and lost everything...
E15 error followed by E01 error. Anyone remember what my latest basal rates

I've been in bed most of this week with a lingering fluey bug thing. The
whole family's had it, so I've been in good company. Got up today and the
BG was still a little high at 9.6 at 8am - but I can live with that. Took
some insulin and had a small bowl of cornflakes. By 11am it had gone up to
12.6. A rise of 3 after breakfast. Funny - a rise from say 5.0 to 8.0 would
seem like ideal control, but the same movement from 9.6 to 12.6 seems
recklessly careless!!! I bolused 3 units correction - which should bring
down to about 5. Then I disconnected my pump so I could swan around the
kitchen dressed in just a T-shirt doing the washing up (familiar feeling?).
Half an hour later I went back to my bedroom to get dressed properly. (I'd
survived the washing up, so I was probably a lot better). I reconnected my
pump and bolused 2 units - 1 for the missed basal and 1 for the sweet
coffee I was drinking. This was the moment my pump hit the E15 error :-(
Same error I had 2 years ago and I had to get the pump serviced as a result
(and I still use the replacement pump - the original never came back from
its Californian service). I've re-entered all my basals, times, days etc
and the pump has passed its self-test. I'll probably have a chat with
MiniMed on Monday.

Katharine, Audrey - I had a Tender infusion set slip out last week for no
particular reason. It was certainly a hot day, but not excessively so. And
I hadn't used any exotic beauty oils :-) I've used Tenders for nearly 4
years and never had any major trouble before. Twice I've left it
disconnected, and hanging down my trouser leg by mistake, but that was my
own stupidity. I had a SofSet fall out 4 years ago while moving house -
sweaty business - and I only spotted it when I checked my BG and it was
unexpectedly high.

Hey ho.


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