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[IPk] We're all new to this...

If anyone's interested in reading up more about genetics, I can 
definitley recommend Matt Ridley's "Genome". Its a very readable book 
and not complicated/ boring genetic detail. It made me realise most of 
genetics is not like we learnt at school, or even medical school, but 
more of a grey area of a combination of factors: lots of slightly 
'wrong' genes acting to create a disease rather than one, plus lots 
dependant on the environment.

I have no other diabetics in my family, my mum and I think that it was 
the mumps virus that triggered my diabetes- I was diagnosed 3 months 
later (So my advice is make sure your kids get an MMR jab!).

Type 1 17 yr, Pump 5months, 5 days till I start work
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