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Re: [IPk] Insulin availability, and other matters

> That's useful Paul
> How common are infections among pump users? I've been injecting
> insulin for 25 years, and I've only had 2 infections, both many
> years ago and before they started using cresol in the insulin. This
> has made infections almost impossible for those simply injecting
> with a needle.
> Does the in-dwelling catheter with pump use increase infection risk?
> This isn't discussed when starting on a pump, as I just have. Any
> comments?

Based on comments from the various lists over the years there are two 

1) in the general pump population the incidence of serious site 
infections is very low, a couple or less per year. There is reported 
reddening occasionally, but nothing that routine scratch/wound care 
does not take care of immediately.

2) for Staph carriers who are unaware of the their condition, site 
infections are high. For those that use sterile field precautions 
when changing their set and asidiously avoid touching their 
skin/face, etc.... they are pretty much like group 1).

This is ancedotal only, no studies that I'm aware of.

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