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[IPk] Insulin availability, and other matters

Hi all,

Can we have consensus on terms used by the group?  Pat uses the term "bad set"
for an infected site; personally I'm unhappy about this because it implies
that the fault is in the equipment (and sorry, but if you've got an infection,
it's almost certainly caused by yourself rather than a contaminated set).
Could we use the term "infected site"?  Thoughts?  I use the term "bad site"
to imply a problem with insertion (and if you've followed recent
correspondence, I haven't yet established where the fault is in my personal
use - I think that it's probably mine, and I've been trying out a few ideas,
and I will contact MiniMed if things don't work out).

I agree with John - if you have an infected site you really need to get rid of
the set, I'd say at least up to the reservoir and possibly the whole lot.
Depends on whether there's a bit of redness (reservoir should be OK) or an
abscess (change the lot, and see below urgently). Chance of septicaemia (blood
poisoning) is tiny, but there is a significant possibility of further local
infection.  If you ever have a local infection, you should check out your
hygiene procedures, and obtain professional advice if the abscess stage is

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