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Re: [IPk] Re: insulin sensitivity : pulses or continuous del

> In message <email @ redacted>, Michael
> <email @ redacted> writes
> >A little math and the insulin availability curves from the package 
> >insert should convince you with no difficulty. It produces a pretty 
> >smooth curve.
> >email @ redacted
> Hi Michael,
> We don't get the activity curve in our packets!  And we can't access
> the Lilley website to see it there, either.  You can't scan it
> because that would be breaking copyright.  Grrr.

The activity curve for Humalog is on the IP links page in the Humalog 


You can download the PDF file from the Eli Lilly web site. 
Just answer the question YES when it asks if you are from the US. If 
you answer no, it stores a cookie that prevents access to the site.

I will endeavor to get the same info up about Novolog/NovoRapid in 
the next couple of weeks. I have it, but need to take a picture of 
the Novolog bottle. If any of you using NovoRapid have a digital 
camera, a clean picture of the vial on a white background would be 
appreciated. Send it to my private e-mail as the listserv will strip 
the attachment.

> I don't suppose you could calculate what % is gone by the end of
> each hour for us, could you?  I work on 20%, 55% 80% 95% 100%.  How
> near reality is that?

My daughter has been using 20% per half hour for the first 1 1/2 to 2 
hours, spreading the rest over the remaining 2-3 hours in the curve. 
That seems to work pretty well for her.

BTW, for those of you with Humalog sensitivity that mix it with 
regular or Velosulin, Lily is on her forth day of Novolog -- so far 
without any site problems. Her bg's have been basically the same for 
all three days so far. She will change her site this afternoon at the 
96 hour mark.

email @ redacted
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