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Re: [IPk] re: Airports and metal detectors

>I have recently been on holiday and my pump did not show in
>the metal detector.  I was asked to remove my "pager" but I
>told them I couldn't (OK so I lied) but told them it was an
>insulin pump and showed them the tubing and that was fine.
>It was not even noticed on the way back.

I fly a lot between Britain and Germany. I never mention the pump.
Sometimes it doesn't get spotted at all. Sometimes it does get spotted and
I say it's an insulin pump - and that's fine. When you think of the 1000's
of people that pour though airports, you're probably the 5th pumper they've
seen that day...

I've got a hunch - and no more than that - that some airports turn the
sensitivity up or down on their machines depending on the alert level
issued each day by the security services.


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