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Re: [IPk] Re: insulin sensitivity : pulses or continuous delivery ?

>Time intervals between pulses was 30 , 60 and 120 minutes .
>The results showed that the plasma glucose levels were the same whether
>the insulin was given continuously or intermittently and in both cases
>they remained stable .
>Free insulin levels were the same with continuous and pulsed insulin .
>The study conclusion was that the similarity in metabolic control between
>the 2 groups demonstrates the wide physiological limits for sc basal
>insulin replacement .Both pulses and continual trickles of insulin
>provided the same results in terms of control and free insulin levels .

I've not read the paper, Morag. But what insulin were they testing? A lot
of us here use Humalog, and I would be very surprised if a small injection
of Humalog every 2 hours delivered a stable basal rate.

>when disconnecting from the pump for baths and showers we recommend that
>you take the missed insulin via a small bolus if required .

On my "wish list" is the ability to do a temporary suspend (while I lie in
the bath for 55 minutes) and on reconnection let the pump itself work out
what insulin I have missed. That calculation is surely something that the
pump is better equipped to do than I me.


PS Must copy this idea to pump companies...

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