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Re: insulin patterns was RE: [IPk] Insulin availability; was "insulin abuse"

On Thu, 30 Aug 2001, you wrote:
> > The three patterns on the
> 508 are not enough.  I am now using 'standard' for active days, 'A' for
> inactive days (like 'standard', but a little higher all day apart from
> late afternoon and early evening), and 'B' for other days (same pattern
> as A'standard') but I move B up and down across the board)

I find the same too. I use the standard one for normal active days. I use the
"A" one for when I've been drinking (A = alcohol so easy to remember!). After
I've been drinking, I change the profile before I go to bed - it's 0.1 units
lower overnight and 0.2 units lower the next morning till midday. The only
problem I have is not remembering to switch to the A profile, but remembering
to switch back, because there's no particular event to remind me a day later.
Of course, if I drink again the next night, I don't have to remember!
The B one is about 0.2 units/hour higher than my standard one, which I use for
either inactive days or certain times of the month. I tweak that one a lot
because my needs change. I can't use the temporary basal increase at night
because it tends to wake  me up when it beeps every hour (and then I have to
check whether it's the alarm or just the temp basal).

At one point I had a travelling profile (all basals set to the lowest common
denominator) because I seemed to be travelling abroad so much across multiple
time zones.
I would really like to have about 10 profiles.
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