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[IPk] Insulin availability etc

Hi all,

Pat, I use about 14 units a day in total. I'm a small person (but not light -
I wish - and I definitely don't look like either Liz Hurley or Davina.  Sigh!)
but obviously there are many factors that will affect requirements. You need
as much as you need, and for those at opposite ends of the spectrum there may
be some problems!

Allan, thanks for the tip.  After spending a few seconds wondering if I was
about to electrocute myself (OK, so I was never any good at physics, or common
sense) I took the step.  My husband, wondering why I was touching radiators
(not a usual fetish for me), pointed out that as I tend to wear rubber
moccasins when I'm walking around the house, I probably recharge myself fairly
quickly...perhaps I should give up the rubber (moccasins, that is).

I responded privately to Morag's e-mail, but Nanette made similar points along
with some I'd thought but not written.  I do give boluses to cover bathing
etc, but I can still get bgs that are higher or lower than I'd like because I
gave the 0.1U etc at a time when it wouldn't normally be given.  I wish I'd
known about that particular feature of the Disetronic pump (smaller aliquots,
more frequently).  Having said that, I do like many of the MiniMed features
such as the square and dual wave boluses, they seem to work well for me if I
eat food that isn't really low fat.  (I don't seem to need to count protein
into the equation, not sure why that should be necessary for others and not me
- I do eat quite a lot of the stuff.)

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