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Re: [IPk] Insulin availability; was "insulin abuse"

On Tue, 28 Aug 2001, you wrote:
> People on this group have said that it's possible to change just the
> set, but my nurse said no, and seeing as my supplies are 100% funded,
> it's not an issue.  I fill the syringe with two-days heavy use worth,
> and if I use less, I use less and throw a bit away.

it is perfectly possible because the insulin can't escape when the tubing is
detached from the set. But if you're happier not doing it, fair enough. Just
remember that in an emergency where you have 3 bad sets in one go and you start
running out of insulin, it's probably a better option than trying to get hold
of emergency insulin!

 > If I had a bad set (i.e. the only time I'd be caught
short, unless I had > an unplanned prolonged stay away from home - and that's
very unlikely to > happen), I'd think it even more essential to change
everything, as I'd > worry about an infection causing the bad set.  

??? If an infection was causing the bad set, why would that mean you needed to
change the insulin too? That doesn't make sense - the infection would be in
your body, not in the insulin cartridge.

> On the heavy use stuff - how much do
people vary?  I vary from 25 units > a day when I'm undertaking exercise and
eating lightly, to 35 when I'm > sat in front of the computer and eating
heavily. >  > Best wished to all,

Depending on what I'm doing, I normally use around 30-35 units per day (around
24-26 of which is basal. I think my lowest ever use was 24 units - on a day
wtith much exercise and little food. It can go up to about 45 units a day on a
sitting around eating lots of carbs day. If I'm ill then it can go up to about
55 units.
As you can see, my needs vary a lot! i try and keep it under 35 units, because
that generally means I'm being healthy!
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