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Re: [IPk] Novarapid/Blood in canula

> It concerned me a little to discover that  Novarapid has not been
> tested thoroughly on children but is being used by  children upon
> recommendations by consultants.  My own son being one of  them.  Are
> there any known untoward side effects and do you know if tests  are
> ongoing at the moment.  Is there anywhere I can obtain further 
> information.  Thank you.

dunno about the NovoRapid aka Novolog. My daughter started on it 
yesterday for the first time in the hope that she will no longer have 
to mix Humalog and Velosulin -- we'll see in a few days :-) It's been 
in use in Europe for almost 2 years I think, you'd think if there 
were a problem there would be some reports by now.

> Tonight my sons canula was seeping blood from his stomach, do you
> know what causes it, and does the insulin supply become affected.

He probably nicked a small vein during insertion. This doesn't happen 
often but can cause bg's to rise because the tissue becomes engorged 
with blood -- you might get a gusher when you remove the set. Looks 
scary and makes a mess, but is harmless. A cold compress will stop 
the bleeding and a few paper towels handy before you remove the set 
will keep the mess to a minimum.

>  I
> ask because when he tested his bloods he read 27.9.  We changed the
> canula and site and he cried, first time, because it was so painful.
>  Does anyone else have troubles with pain when their bloods are
> high.

Cannulas should not hurt. Sounds like the set is inserted to deep and 
is in muscle tissue. If it's a SofSet or Rapid, it is too long, use 
the shorter versions. If Tender/Silhouette/Comfort set, the angle of 
insertion is too steep. The directions say 30-45 degrees, but just a 
little more than under the skin is more appropriate for kids and thin 
people. The most popular set for kids seems to be the 
Tender/Silhouette/Comfort even though it looks intimidating, the 
comfort level is high.

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