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RE: [IPk] Pump batteries and Dawn Phenomena

Hi Beverley

I saw your mail and it struck so many chords with me!

On lo battery alarms - when I first used to get them I changed the battery
when the alarm first went off (in somewhat of a panic usually!).  The time
before last I thought that I would observe the pump to see how much notice
this alarm actually gave - particularly as with older pumps people talked
about getting days out of the batteries after the alarm.  Not 3 hours had
elapsed after the lo bat alarm when everything stopped and I was faced with
a 'no power' message instead.  One very speedy battery change coming up!!

On the slipping control, I too had the same thing.  For the first month or
so everything was great.  It was almost as if my diabetes was in shock that
things could be this good, then I started to get highs in the mornings
(10's, 12's and an odd 14) for no apparent reason.  My Bg's would be stable
all through the night usually about 7mmol and then whoosh, between 5am and
7am off it would go.  I tried fiddling around with the basals and with each
alteration I would get a couple of days where it seemed to work then off
down the slippery slope again.  It was only ever the first thing reading, it
would settle and be good for the rest of the day.  This had gone on for
several weeks and I was beginning to tire of not being able to settle it
down, when I struck gold!  I changed from a basal profile of 4 differing
rates from 1.1 to 1.4 at various times of the day to a profile of 1.4 from
midnight to 5pm and then 1.5 through back to midnight.  I also changed the
carb/insulin ratio of my evening meal to 1u/7g (I usually run 1u/8g) and
bingo good morning and in-the-night readings - 4.7 this morning which is now

I can't say what works for who but don't give up - I had several weeks of
messing about changing things and it was worth it in the end - I hope you
sort it out.

Best Wishes

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