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Re: [IPk] Insulin availability; was "insulin abuse"

> People on this group have said that it's possible to change just the
> set, but my nurse said no, and seeing as my supplies are 100%
> funded, it's not an issue.  I fill the syringe with two-days heavy
> use worth, and if I use less, I use less and throw a bit away.


most pumpers change infusion sites on the average somewhere between 3 
and 4 days, with the majority changing every 3 days. My daughter 
changes twice a week. You can re-use the tubing and the pump syringe 
until it runs out of insulin. Some users reuse the plastic pump 
syringes, but the lubricant is pretty shot after the second use. 
There are reports of using them more than twice, but there are good 
reasons not to do that. The Tender/Silhouette/Comfort sets are all 
sold in combo packs with twice as many infusers as tubes -- this is 
somewhat more economical and more convenient too if you don't use 
lots of insulin and can get two changes from a single cartridge fill.
There are numerous pump users that do this and only fill the 
cartridge as necessary.

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