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[IPk] Pump batteries and Dawn Phenomena

Well I tempted fate with my e-mail last Friday concerning my
disasterous first attempt to change the batteries on my 508
because last night I had to change them again.  This was
worrying though because I had gone to bed leaving my husband
up watching a horror film (enough to send anyone to bed
early!) when I was woken at midnight by my husband to tell me
that my pump was bleeping.  Half asleep I turned on the light
to see the words "no delivery" on my pump and a time that was
about 15 minutes slow.  When I reset the pump I could see the
low battery icon.  I was surprised because I had not hear any
beeping earlier in the day or seen the low battery icon.  As
I am a heavy sleeper I guess it is possible that the "lo
battery" warning had bleeped the previous night or during a
busy part of the day but I am surprised that I did not see
the words "lo battery" as I would have had to have cleared
them or seem the icon.  Anyway the battery change went fine
and all is well but I am worried as to what would happened
had my husband not been around (he is overseas bout 30% of
the time) would the bleeps have got louder until I would have
woken-up or could it have shut-down completely leaving me to
re-set everything in the morning?

On an unrelated issue, after an excellent first month on the
pump, I have noticed in the last 2 weeks that my control
during the night had slipped.  It would be between 6 - 7 to
go to bed and between 5 - 6 at 2.00 am and then 10 - 12 at
7.00 am.  I have re-set my basal rate to increase by about
30% between 2.00 - 7.00 am and all is well again (5.2 going
to bed and 5.4 this morning).  I have seen this "dawn
phenomena" discussed but had not previously been aware that
it affected me.  I am unsure as to whether I have always had
this problem (on a pen I was either hypo half the night or
high but never normal - perhaps more insulin to get me
through the dawn pheonomena was triggering the earlier
hypos?) or if it has just started.  If I have always had this
problem why was the first month on the pump OK?  Do you get a
honeymoon period?  If it has only just started, do pump users
have a greater tendancy towards dawn phenomena - any ideas?
Any way not a problem at the moment, modifying the basal rate
appears to be working great.


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