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[IPk] Insensitivity

Hi all!

John wrote "...with that degree of sensitivity I'm guessing that U100 Humalog
might be inappropriate, since at U100, the Minimed pump delivers it in 0.1
unit bursts.  On a very low basal rate, you could effectively run out of
insulin between these bursts.  I hear that in the US some people dilute their
Humalog down to U40 using a special Lilly solution."

Your assumption was correct, John, I do use U100 Humalog, and as well as the
issue with the remote I often find that only having a few (as low as two on my
smallest basal rate) basal boluses per hour means I can't fine-tune control.
I only realised that Disetronic pumps can deliver much smaller aliquots more
frequently a couple of months ago, and I'd bought my own MiniMed by then, a
lesson there (perhaps those who advise would-be pumpers on the pros and cons
of the different pumps could bear this in mind too!). The dilution idea sounds
very sensible, I would have to change the pump syringe more frequently but
that would be a small price to pay for better control.  I will investigate!

Sorry to hear about your modem, Elizabeth, hope it recovers soon, and look
forward to the rescheduled Chat.

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