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[IPk] insulin abuse

I don't know if things can be made worse ie more difficult for us DMs
because of some undesirables who choose to abuse their bodies in this
fashion. I think it's bad enough that insulin was made a prescription only
drug so if we forget or break our supplies we have to seek a prescription in
order to stay alive.
I suppose they could make us show id when collecting prescriptions, or only
allow insulin to be distributed at strategic points throughout the country,
or forbid us to go anywhere with our insulin so that we would be tied to our
homes, or make one injecttion a day regimes compulsory so we have to go and
queue up outside the surgery and wait for insulin to be administered.
haven't these people even got any imagination? you'd think if they were
going to inject themselves with a dangerous drug they;d spike it with
something to give themselves a bit of a high

I've just had an idea. We could flog the remains of humalog left over in
almost empty vials/ cartridges etc to pay for our pump supplies!!
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