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Re: [IPk] endoscopy and pump

Sara, You should not need a glucose infusion as the pump basal rate will
be administering background insulin sufficiently to maintain your correct
blood glucose level. Keep checking your bg right up until they give you
the relaxant for your own peace of mind and the nurses should do them
whilst you are drowsy (it might be better to remind them to do this!) The
stress of the procedure may elevate your blood sugar slightly and as the
procedure is not invasive you won;'t be at risk of infection hope this
helps good luck Carmel

>From: SARA SVIRI <email @ redacted> >Reply-To:
email @ redacted >To: Insulin Pump Users
<email @ redacted> >Subject: [IPk] endoscopy and pump >Date:
Sat, 25 Aug 2001 09:51:52 +0100 > >Dear friends, >Early in September I am
having an endoscopy at the Radcliffe Hospital, >Oxford. This is done in
fasting and in a state of 'drowsiness' (i quote >from the appointment
letter). I phoned the hospital to tell them that I >am on an insulin
pump, and they referred me back to the diabetic >specialists. I think
this group qualifies more than many others >so-called. So, if anyone has
gone through a similar test-situation (not >necessarily endoscopy), could
you please advise if I should have the >pump on, off, change basals, be
on a glucose drip etc. My worry, >obviously, is a hypo, especially since
I will be fasting in the morning >beforhand, and then during the time it
takes to recover. >Many thanks, >Sara
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