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[IPk] Insulin sensitivity

>I assume that your comment was directed at the remote batteries, Allan, but I
>have a query about the pump batteries.  I'm a MiniMed user (508) but seldom
>use the remote as it will only deliver in multiples of 0.5U, and 0.1U drops my
>bg by 1 mmol, so it can't be very accurate for me

Mary -

Forgive me asking - but what insulin and strength do you use? With that
degree of sensitivity I'm guessing that U100 Humalog might be
inappropriate, since, at U100, the MiniMed pump delivers it in 0.1 unit
bursts. On a very low basal rate, you could effectively run out of insulin
between these bursts. I hear that in the US some people dilute their
Humalog down to U40 using a special Lilly solution. This means the insulin
moves faster through the system, and is more accurate.

Disetronic pumps deliver every so many minutes come what may, so this isn't
a problem on those pumps.


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