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Re: [IPk] mefix

Thanks Tessa - that's good to know! I've never asked in Boots because I
still have some left from my physio, but I'd never seen it there, that was
I had to use tape tonight when I inserted a new infusion set after a shower,
and my skin was still a bit clammy and the set didn't stick properly. I
managed with one of the tapes that comes with the Sofsets (don't know what
it's called, but it's the one with the orange backing that peels off in two
pieces, and has a hole in the middle). I managed (just) to get the hole over
the connector and still managed to connect the connector, though it was
quite tricky. I do like that tape because it's easy to use, sticks well, and
has the hole already. I just never thought it would work with a Silhouette.
I have to say I've never had a problem UNsticking tape. But then I don't
have a very hairy stomach!!!


> >From Tessa Protheroe (email @ redacted)
> Hello Di,
> I buy Mefix from Boots - they order it in for me. A 10cm x 10m roll is #5.
> I just cover the attatchment area when using silhouettes. When its time to
> disconnect, I soak the mefix and it peels away from the silhouette tape
> Its a bit of a pain though - I wish they'd do a quick release further down
> tube.
> Tessa.
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