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[IPk] Minimed battery life, and Chat bits and pieces

Hi all!

Allan wrote "That's very interesting and could explain why my batteries only
last three weeks.  Is it true that battery current increases with the remote
enabled - even though you're not using it?"

I assume that your comment was directed at the remote batteries, Allan, but I
have a query about the pump batteries.  I'm a MiniMed user (508) but seldom
use the remote as it will only deliver in multiples of 0.5U, and 0.1U drops my
bg by 1 mmol, so it can't be very accurate for me (a personal issue - should
have asked Ray last night!).  My remote is disabled.  The batteries for my 508
last a month at best - both AMT or general .  When I began pumping, I was told
that pump, as opposed to remote, batteries should last three months (oh dear,
why do these questions come up after the opportunity has gone).  I do have
three programmes set up for basals (and the basals vary quite a bit) and use
the temporary rates quite frequently, is this the cause?

Nice to "meet" folk at the Chat, my first experience (a chat room virgin!) but
oh so addictive...  Would you believe that, exhausted and starving, (at my
worst - not intentional, a "situation" came up at work - but how could I miss
it) I intended to observe, but got hooked...
I don't agree with Ray's assertion at the Chat that it's nigh impossible to
give a bolus by mistake.  My pump seems to be activated occasionally, I don't
know by what especially as my remote is disabled, but I do have close contact
with other electronic equipment with which I'm in close contact at home and at
work, and I sometimes hear a "beep" and find the pump's about to deliver a
0.5U bolus. Only one step away. That would drop my bg by 5 mmol... :(  I
think I've always noticed the beep, but in very noisy environments I probably
wouldn't and it's possible that an unnoticed one could account for those
unexplained hypos.  Any thoughts?
On what I hope will continue to be a positive note, I tried Ray's advice for
avoiding cannula kinking when changing the site this morning and today's site
was fine.  A one-off perhaps, as the dreaded kink only happens about once in
five insertions, but I'll continue to be extra careful.

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