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Re: [IPk] Re: variable threshold

> The only hypothesis I can think of is based on the fact that these
> phases do to some extent coincide with my being aware of a more active
> or less active mood - I always knew I am a somewhat bipolar person -
> but never to the extent that either my 'down' or 'manic' phases are
> sufficiently severe to justify treatment, but maybe sufficient to
> significantly affect my insulin resistance and glucose metabolism??
> Is this possible?  does anyone else have any comparable experience?  
Hi Nanette
I think this is quite possible. My insulin resistance is very sensitive to this
kind of thing. When I'm feeling down, my BG inevitably goes up. When I'm haooy,
it goes down. Hormones, I suspect, have much to do with it, although I also
tend to be more active when I'm happy. As Elizabeth said, brain
activity increases my glucose metabolism too.
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