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RE: [IPk] Re: variable threshold

>The only hypothesis I can think of is based on the fact that these
phases do to some extent coincide with my being aware of a more active
or less active mood - I always knew I am a somewhat bipolar person -
but never to the extent that either my 'down' or 'manic' phases are
sufficiently severe to justify treatment, but maybe sufficient to
significantly affect my insulin resistance and glucose metabolism??
Is this possible?  does anyone else have any comparable experience?

Well, why not? If you have a more active mood, I assume you'd be more active
both physically and mentally, and that should impact your insulin usage to
some extent. I know Di has said that hard brain work burns more insulin for
her (my brain just musn't work very hard!), and of course people become more
sensitive to insulin the more exercise they have.

I think if there's any sort of repeat to these occurences, it's probably
worth setting a separate basal profile for them. Yes, there may be a day or
two when you don't realise you need to change, but once you do realise
things would propably be easier. Anyone else have a suggestion?

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