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[IPk] wasted insulin cartridges!

This has happened to me twice this week:  I've turned the D-tron off and =
disconnected to have a shower - 2 presses of the function button, then =
reconnected (whilst talking to someone) and automatically pressed the =
function button twice to restart - only two presses  doesn't restart it, =
it returns the piston rod and a nearly full cartridge is wasted.=20

Does anyone else do this? Am I wrong in assuming that most people often =
do these sort of presses on autopilot whilst doing other things at the =
same time and therefore make mistakes occasionally (or not so =
occasionally in my case) ?

Estelle/John  - can the cartridge be re-used once the piston rod has =
returned or is it indeed wasted because a brand new cartridge must be =
inserted each time the piston rod is returned?  Also is there a =
particular reason for not having the same number of button presses to =
turn the device off and on? =20


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