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Fw: [IPk] Bolusing during sleep

Hi Di, Elizabeth

This remote control, would it be possible to bolus in error with this, or a
parent do this by mistake with the child in another room? When my Husband
had a car with a remote locking device he was forever unlocking the car by
accident and kept discovering that the car had been left open all night
several times.  It use to work through several walls.

About sleepwalking It is Danni my 13 year old who sleep walks.  She doesn't
give Sasha injections or I would have to make sure I didn't leave the
insulin out!  She does do strange things in the night and if she falls
asleep during the day after a sleep over she nearly always sleepwalks.  Its
very odd.

Sometimes I am on auto-pilot in the mornings and I don't wake up properly
until I have a least 3 cups of coffee, I am always worried that one of
theses days I will give Sasha 12 units of Actrapid instead of the Mixtard 30
that she has in the morning.  Terry usually give the morning shot and I
usually give the Actrapid and Insulatard in the evening.  I have all of them
in distinctly different cases, but I still picked up the Actrapid the other
day instead of the Mixtard when Terry was away. I didnt give it to  her


: RE: [IPk] Bolusing during sleep

> There's a lock feature that you can program on the Minimed 508, and then
> think) you do thte boluses with the remote. Which is grand, so long as the
> remote works! Mine seems to work only when it feels like it, but that
> be because I use it so rarely. The battery probably wastes in the
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