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RE: [IPk] Bolusing during sleep

On Tue, 21 Aug 2001, you wrote:
> There's a lock feature that you can program on the Minimed 508, and then (I
> think) you do thte boluses with the remote. Which is grand, so long as the
> remote works! Mine seems to work only when it feels like it, but that could
> be because I use it so rarely. The battery probably wastes in the meantime.
> elizabeth

That might mean the battery is running low. My remote started doing that, and
then it died completely. I changed the battery (which incidentally you can get
in Boots or anywhere - it's the same one as they use in car remotes (the ones
for locking and unlocking your car and setting the alarm)) and it now works
every time.
I found my remote very useful on holiday when I wore mostly dresses when I went
out in the evening for a meal. The only problem I had was forgetting which
button was the one for bolus and which was the one to stop the pump, since I
couldn't see in the dark! I managed to stop the pump instead of bolus for 10
minutes until I realised I had done the wrong thing. Then of course, I had to
extricate the pump from my bra to restart it...... but I have now learnt which
button it is!

Of course, if you just wanted to set the child lock at night, you could just
unset it if you really did need to bolus in the night.
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