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Re: [IPk] Bolusing during sleep

On Mon, 20 Aug 2001, you wrote:
> Hi all
> I was just checking my emails from another support group (for kids US
> based). One parent's son who is  5 years old on an insulin pump bolused
> himself in the night while he was dreaming.  His dad heard him do it (is
> there a bleeper on the pump?) and dad called out to him to ask what he was
> doing and he answered that his mom had told him to bolus. 

Hi Jackie
The Minimed pump beeps when you set the bolus, and then again when the bolus
has been delivered. I think the Disetronic does something similar. it is quite
quiet but sometimes it seems amazingly loud when everything else is quiet. And
its's a very distinctive sound. That's quite scary  - it's a good thing he only
boluksed 0.4 units! I often do strange things in my sleep, but I don't think
I've ever done that! 

Some pumps have a child lock thing which prevents a child accidentally pressing
buttons on the pump. I think that's a very good idea for that kind of
situation. You can still bolus through some types of case, thugh you could use
a case that would make it hard to bolus "accidentally" like that - my first
case meant you had to take the pump completely out of the case to bolus, rather
than being able to do it through the see-through window.

Of course, if you are going to bolus in your sleep, you could just as easily
give an injection in your sleep (and be none the wiser in the morning, since at
least a pump has a memory).

>  Have any of you done this is your sleep, whilst dreaming?  Sleep walking?
> or can you lock the pump in some way.  Sometimes I bring up Sasha's ( age 7)
> Actrapid and leave it on the cupboard on the landing where we leave the log
> book that we used for night checks so that if I or my husband wakes and
> checks I can see if I get up what her bg was.  We bring up the Actrapid and
> leave it up here in case I need to treat a high in the middle of the night.
> Two of my children sleep walk.  I am now wondering if I should not keep it
> on the landing at night!!!!  We usually leave a needle on.

I wouldn't have thought it would be a problem unless Sasha is inclined to sleep
walk and takes her own injections. I think it is far more usual for
sleepwalkers to do "familiar things" rather than play with random stray
objects.... but you never know I suppose. I'm not an expert in sleepwalking,
though I did have a problem w it as a child, and I shared a room with a girl
who used to do really bizarre things like tear up books and try to climb out of
the window in her sleep!
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