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[IPk] Bolusing during sleep

Hi all

I was just checking my emails from another support group (for kids US
based). One parent's son who is  5 years old on an insulin pump bolused
himself in the night while he was dreaming.  His dad heard him do it (is
there a bleeper on the pump?) and dad called out to him to ask what he was
doing and he answered that his mom had told him to bolus. They were in
sleeping bags camping (she was asleep of course and had not said to do
this).  They got up and checked and he had bolused point 4 units.  Which
turned out ok as he had had a high fat meal earlier.  They had to check
several times though the night.  This child has been on a pump for a year
and this is the first time it has happened. Awake he know how dangerous this
could be and manages his pump very well.  Another parent says that her child
has managed to do this through a pouch.  I know that you can program some
pumps to stop a child from doing this accidentally.

 Have any of you done this is your sleep, whilst dreaming?  Sleep walking?
or can you lock the pump in some way.  Sometimes I bring up Sasha's ( age 7)
Actrapid and leave it on the cupboard on the landing where we leave the log
book that we used for night checks so that if I or my husband wakes and
checks I can see if I get up what her bg was.  We bring up the Actrapid and
leave it up here in case I need to treat a high in the middle of the night.
Two of my children sleep walk.  I am now wondering if I should not keep it
on the landing at night!!!!  We usually leave a needle on.

Jackie Jacombs
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