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Re: [IPk] holidays etc.

On Mon, 20 Aug 2001, you wrote:
> Hi Di
> Glad you had a good holiday nice to see you back.
> We keep Sasha's insulin in the fridge.  Ever since that hot humid spell a
> while back  (when we had some summer) and Sasha has never complained that it
> has stung.
Hi Jackie
It only occurred to me a few months ago why when I was first in hospital being
diagnosed, all my injections stung like hell, and they never did after that. it
was because they would take the insulin straight out of the fridge every time.
I always kept the current bottle or cartridge at room temp so never experienced
the stinging.
Though with a pump I sometimes get stinging on the first bolus after I've
changed infusion set (not when I've refilled though, as I don't generally do
boht at the same time). I've never worked out why - just put it down to the set
"settling down".
It may of course have only been the old insulins that would sting when they
were cold - I don't know.
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