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Re: [IPk] Re: healthy living

Re hypoglycaemia prior to type 1 diabetes developing, as far as I have
always been told within the world of diabetes research, the story goes
something like this.The autoimmune attack against the beta cells in the
pancreas that actually produce insulin causes them to rupture and release
their insulin content in one go which leads to high amounts of circulating
insulin and consequently hypoglycaemia. This autoimmune destruction can
occur very quickly (especially in children) or can occur over a long period
of time. This makes sense to me on a personal level as I had a year of
intermittent hypoglcaemia before I was diagnosed.

> > Abigail I am doing a nutrition course at the moment, and this week's
> > topic
> > was hypoglycemia.  The author stated that hypoglycemia is a precursor
> > to
> > diabetes (not type 2, just diabetes!).

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