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[IPk] Re: ip-uk-digest V1 #558

>Jackie -
>I don't know whether to be alarmed or thankful for the innocence of my
>childhood diabetes... (diagnosed aged 11 in 1977). Twice daily injection.
>No blood testing. Regular meals. I survived.

That was pretty much my experience, except  I was on only one injection a day
for the first 10 years till I was 18. I thought I'd survived too, until l got
retinopathy. But who's to say if I would have got it anyway if I'd had perfect

 >But I really sympathise with parents
today who are required to remotely >control their child's diabetes. It sounds
horrendous. It's not your fault >your child got diabetes, since it was beyond
your control, but if at the >age of 18 your daugther gets severe retinopathy,
will that be your fault >for not being stricter with her earlier? A terrible
burden for you to >bear...

I realised the full extent of this while on holiday last week. My dad was being
particularly insensitive (he's not known for sensitivity at the best of times)
- for example, not being any help at all when we were eating out and I could
see nothing at all and was tripping over steps, getting lost from the car to
the restaurant, and not passing me food which i couldn't see. I was quite
upset, but my stepmum explained afterwards that my dad just has immense
difficulty dealing with the fact that I have retinopathy. he feels terribly
guilty because (a) he doesn't have it and he's had Dm for nearly 50 years and
(b) because he wasn't exactly a good role model for me (he never tested either
and ate all kinds of crap - and still does), and because he probably feels he
should have looked after my Dm better when I was a child. His way of dealing
with something he can't handle is to ignore it. Which doesn't help me much, but
it's understandable.
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