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[IPk] holidays etc.

 Bev wrote:
> On a more trivial note, has anyone experienced my tanning
>problem with the invisible adhesive residue from previous
>infusion sites resulting in nice white (untanned) oblongs on
>their abdomens after sunbathing?  Perhaps I need stronger
>soap and a scrubbing brush.

Hi folks
I'm back from 10 days in Northern Cyprus and ploughing through about 200 emails
from the list that I missed while away.
Like Beverley, I had fantastic control while away (I always tend to in hot
climates, as does my dad). Only about 3 tests wee above 8, and no major hypos,
just a few minor ones. Lots of swimming, walking and relaxation no doubt helped
too. Of course, on the night I got back to England, my BG leapt up to 20 just
to prove a point!!!

I was a bit worried initially because I took about 5 infusion sets for 10 days
(should have been more than plenty, as i only change about every 3-4 days). On
the first day my set came loose after it had only been on for 24 hours, and I
was worried that all my sets would come off due to the very high humidity,
suntan lotion, and swimming throughout the day. But my fears were unjustified
 as all my sets stuck solidly for several days (I use Silhouettes).

Anyway, in answer to the tanning question, I haven't noticed these white
circles where my old sets have been, but then my sight isn't good enough to see
them, so it's possible I might have them. I suspect though that it's because of
old gunk - I find despite scrubbing hard in the shower or bath, the gunk often
stays for several days after I've removed the set.

I also had no problems with the pump itself. I inserted in the lower abdomen
(because I get best results there, not for any vanity reasons) which meant it
was covered by my bikini bottoms, and I just clipped the pump to them at the
hip, or occasionally stuck the pump without the clip and case in my bikini top.
I took the Frio pack but to be honest didn't find it very useful because you
can't attach it to you in any way, unless you have a belt loop, which obviously
you don't on a bikini! So I found it easier to just clip it on, despite tyhe
sand, than to have the hassle of removing the clip and case, and putting it in
the Frio pack, and doing the reverse, for when I was on the beach, especially
as that would actually increase the risk of getting sand in the pump, which is
what I was trying to avoid. if the Frio pack had a hole in the back (like the
case) which meant you could use the clip while the pump was in the Frio pack,
it would be much better. But the Frio pack came in very handy for my dad's
insulin pen on the beach!!! I am going to get him a "normal" Frio pack for his
insulin pens for Christmas, as I think they are great for that kind of thing!
Incidentally, my dad kept all his insulin pens (the ones currently in use) in
the fridge at all times while on holiday. He said he didn't notice that the
inuslin stung when he injected it. Does anyone know of any other reason for
not doing this? I wasn't sure that it was a good idea but couldn't come up with
a reason why, apart from the stinging insulin.

 I had no problems with my insulin getting too hot BTW, and it was over 40
degrees with 90 percent humidity (and not particularly cool inside either, as
there was no air conditioning or anything).
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