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[IPk] Re: variable threshold

Yes, I very definitely have a threshold, but it isn't fixed.  
There are some days when it feels as if I have no threshold at all, and
can get away with eating almost anything, and then other days (usually
a few in a row) when even a small amount of any high carb food will
apparently push me over the threshold.  
I assume this is all related to insulin resistance, which of course
goes up at higher blood sugar, but have yet to understand how to cope
with it in my own case.  Like someone else who wrote about this, I also
find that typically, the threshold problem is much more likely to
strike in the evenings than earlier in the day.  I am currently trying
to attack it, after a recent talk with the endocrinologist I see, who
commenting on my high HbA1c and pattern of blood sugar readings,
immediately commented that if I could just sort out the evenings,
things would really look good.  His theory was that maybe on days where
I was underestimating the carbs in my supper, I landed up eating
evening snacks while my blood sugar is already up, and thus reach a
threshold, and so up up up... What I am trying to do is keep careful
records of food and insulin in the evenings, and measure blood glucose
an hour or so after supper, so that I can see if it has sent me up into
the stratosphere, and at that point bring down the blood glucose and
refrain from snacking until it is down - both these being difficult in
the evenings for me!  
What I still do not understand is why this does not happen every
evening, but only in patches - keeping very careful records in the
evenings for the last 10 days or so has only confirmed that the high bg
evenings do not always follow the same meals.  The first 3-4 days were
just great, even though two of the suppers included pasta and other
high carb items.  Since then almost every evening has been a disaster,
though the daytimes are ok.  My suspicion was that I had a very mild
subclinical virus perhaps, since I did not sleep very well and felt
very mildly ache-y - but not enough to have paid attention to it were
it not for the high blood sugars.  But, excuse my thinking 'aloud' -
can this really be the case - the pattern is so typical for me 4-10
days with blood sugar very easy to control, almost regardless of what I
eat, followed by about 6-14 days of blood sugar high in the evenings,
sometimes in the daytime too - couldnt really be viruses each time, and
maybe I feel not so good because of high blood glucose not the other
way round.
Does anyone else have similar experiences? can anyone shed any light?

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