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[IPk] Re: healthy living

> Date: Thu, 16 Aug 2001 08:27:57 +0100
> From: "Ingrid Morrow" <email @ redacted>
> Subject: Re: [IPk] All this bussiness about "healthy living"
> Abigail I am doing a nutrition course at the moment, and this week's
> topic 
> was hypoglycemia.  The author stated that hypoglycemia is a precursor
> to 
> diabetes (not type 2, just diabetes!).  
But this can happen - I have heard it from other people, and I myself
did suffer from episodes of hypoglycaemia intermittently over a period
of about 4-5 years before developing type 1 diabetes.  I only knew it
was hypoglycaemia because my brother who developed type 1 20 years
previously had described to me what hypoglycaemia feels like.  I went
to a doctor and told her that I had a family history of diabetes and
was having episodes of hypoglycaemia, and she asked if I ever went many
hours without eating without getting hypoglycaemic, and when I said
that I often did, she said it probably happened after I ate only fast
carbohydrates - though when she then asked me what I ate, she had to
admit it didnt quite tie in - but without recommending a glucose
tolerance test or anything, she sent me away and told me not to worry
about diabetes.
That was when we lived in the US, and had moved far away from there by
the time I developed type 1 - sometimes think that I should drop her a
note to tell her what happened - for her further education.

Of course the rest of what you were told, below, is the old story of
the fact that because in most populations, 95% or something of those
with diabetes have type 2, so that is what health professionals (except
those who specifically deal with type 1, know most about).

She then went on to say that
> with 
> diabetes, the insulin is there, but just isn't used properly by the
> body.
> I was surprised by this, and feel like writing in and complaining and
> putting her straight!

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