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RE: [IPk] Infusion sites in pregnancy

Hi Tessa
Snap!  I'm 13 weeks into my third too.  I'm using the silhouettes in the
abdomen - no problems yet as I've got plenty of padding.  And I'd say I'm
only changing sites about every 5-6 days.  I was using the sof-sets but,
found like others on the list, that they were kinking and just too damned
unreliable because of this.  Can't comment on stretchmarks - to date, I've
not been cursed.  Surely tho they are only superficial?  Or does the
"stretch" go deeper down?

My last pregnancy was back in the olden days - so far back, I can't remember
how stretched the belly was (and it was a lot more trim than it is now).
But from what I've seen of other pregnant women, there does seem to be
plenty of choice (given the expanse, probably a lot more than at present!)
towards the end so I'm not expecting to have to find alternative sites.  I'd
be inclined to be guided by your clinic - I'd hope that they have a lot more
experience with pregnant DMers than you and I.

> I started pumping in March and am now 12 weeks into my third
> pregnancy. I've
> been changing infusion sites every 2 days but often find that they stop
> working before this, despite remaining in place. I was using
> sof-sets and have
> just changed to silhouettes in the hope that this will help.
> Could the problem
> be due to stretchmarks? .
> My clinic advised me just to use my abdomen. Surely this will become more
> difficult as my bump enlarges?
> Tessa
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