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Re: [IPk] Infusion sites in pregnancy


I have a lot of stretch marks too, and find that the insulin is not absorbed
at all if I am not careful with the infusion sets.
I used Disetronic rapids - they are the needles with a 90 degree bend, and
found that these were easiest to fit in between the scar tissue.  If you are
having absorption problems, you can experiment with the length of needle - I
use 10mm needles usually.  I also use tegaderm to secure the canula, and
have had relatively few problems.
There is no problem with putting the needles into your belly - there is
plenty of tissue to protect the baby.  I wore my pump in my bra until I
stopped feeding Molly, and found that having the tubing under my clothes
prevented a lot of the tugging problems (I also managed to avoid door
handles a lot more easily!)
Hope it goes well for you - I certainly haven't looked back since going onto
the pump when  was pregnant!

Take care,

Kate Clapham
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