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[IPk] Isn't it true most doctors with DM are on pumps?

Hi all!
(No need to shout!!)
I've been following this correspondence with interest, as I know two doctors
on pumps - one retired (and funding it himself, I believe), and the other
yours truly.  John Neale's points are worth considering, before you get too
envious (we have access to the latest innovations, aren't a typical
cross-section of the population and are already "suitable candidates").  There
are very few perks in this job!!...
    ...and I don't believe this was one of them, as the main reasons I have a
pump are (1) that my control has been dangerously dreadful despite
considerable efforts on my part to improve things (I already have several
complications), and (2) that I'm fortunate enough to live in an area where
pumping is a particular interest of the local diabetologists and team (very
proactive, progressive and supportive - thanks, everyone at the RBH centre!I.
I had to pay for my pump, and continue to pay #100 a month for consumables.  I
was offered the opportunity to try out a pump a few years ago, because my
control was so unpredictable rather than because I'm a doctor, but could not
afford it at that stage (contrary to popular opinion, many doctors are not
"rolling in it").  I had to save up and cut other costs to pay for it.  Having
said that, I feel privileged to have been given the opportunity, and when
benefits are so apparent both immediately and in the long-term, the experience
of fellow IDDMs such as Colin seems terribly unfair.

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