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[IPk] Drink and bloods

After all the correspondence, I feel somewhat abnormal that dry/ish cider, red
wine and dry white wine have never had any effect on my blood glucose (I don't
give extra insulin or eat more, and the bgs are stable afterwards), and they
should?  I was brought up on the idea that certain alcoholic drinks were CHO
free, although manufacturers / writers of CHO value books would include
ethanol as a carbohydrate, a trap for the unwary. Hence my rather limited
alcoholic beverages repertoire (but I do know a bit about these!)... Now I
begin to doubt my previous opinion, although for me there doesn't seem to be a
problem. The "morning after the night before" effect is well validated and is
an important point, just occasionally kicks in personally and being aware of
this I simply make appropriate basal adjustments.


(OK, I'll fit in...IDDM 28 years, pumper 9 months, hedonist all my life...)
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