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carb threshold was RE: [IPk] Cider (was Drink and bloods)

HI Katherine -

Yes! I have a carb threshold as well. I count it in units rather than carbs,
because it's easier for me to see how many units I have per day than it is
to add up all the carb (since I cover protein as well as carb this isn't a
straightforward calculation). For me, it's 25 units per day (my basal
fluctuates between 11.6 and 12.6 units). Pushing it to 26 or 27 units for a
few days doesn't impact me too badly, but if I go much higher for much
longer I start having problems.

I don't seem to have too many problems with individual feasts, however, at
least not if I plan well and am very strategic about things. I think the
best way to deal with it is to keep records of feasts. I had a management
triumph in Reading in June, when we went to a Chinese and ordered a huge
amount of food. AS well as rice, appetizers, and three or four entrees
shared between us, I also had a bean paste bun - 7 units in one go, which is
what I have for breakfast _and_ lunch, generally. We had been to the same
restaurant in March, when I had middling results, but because I knew I was
going back I took my logbook for March with me. I ate and ate and finished
with the _entire_ bean paste bun, and not a glitch. No alcohol to muddle
things, either - that may have helped.

So my advice is, if you are going to feast, keep a good record and refer to
it the next time.

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