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Re: [IPk] Insulin for pump use

>Thanks for that information.  Another question, did you ask for Actrapid or
>was it suggested to you?  I just wondered as Sasha my 7 year old seems to
>have such a slow digestion that I think that Humalog would be too "fast" for
>her if and when she gets to go on the pump.

Jackie -

Any soluble clear insulin is suitable for pump use. It's only the cloudy
insulins you can't use.

Some insulins are better than others, and we all have our own reasons for
choosing our insulin. Humalog is best for me as I can take it as I eat -
usually a bolus with each plate of food.

And on most pumps you can slow down the action of a fast insulin by
requesting, say, that 5 units are given slowly over the next 2 hours. You
can't do that with an injection.

Also keep in mind that neither NovoRapid nor Humalog have been rigorously
tested on children. They are genetically modified proteins, and on kids
there are much tighter regulations as the body's organs are still growing.


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